As an SMC member, you get step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for every proven marketing program, access to SMC Success Central - the “online university” for SMC members, PLUS a personal New Member Account Representative to guide you every step of the way as you start your business!

Choose the Money Making Program that works for you, or use several programs at once! The choice is yours:

Flea Markets and Swap Meets

This may be one of the most enjoyable ways to make extra money you'll ever find. It’s fun for the entire family, easy to do part-time, and the perfect way to launch your SMC business!

With the SMC Swap Meet and Flea Market Program you get:
  •   A great selection of 1000’s of items, so you can specialize, or show a little of everything.
  •   Special "Product Kits"specifically for swap meet success.
  •   Beautiful , 4-color catalogs.
  •   A 30-DAY ACTION PLAN, to help you get started.

Fund Raising

Churches, lodges, fraternal organizations, youth groups, sports leagues… they ALL need to raise money, and you can help them do it!

With the Fund-Raising Program you get:
  •   A 30-DAY ACTION PLAN to help you get started.
  •   Catalogs you can use to generate orders.
  •   Step-By-Step instructions on running a successful fund raising campaign.

Gift Shop/Kiosk Program

Ever seen those kiosks at the mall, with crowds around them? That could be you in that kiosk, raking in the sales!

With the Gift Shop/Kiosk Program you get:
  •   All items with a quality guarantee, so you sell with confidence.
  •   A huge selection - you can specialize (as you might with a kiosk) or fill your gift shop with a tremendous variety.
  •   A 30-DAY ACTION PLAN to help you get started.

Internet Marketing Program

Market your SMC product line on the Internet with your own website!

With the SMC Internet Marketing Program you get:
  •   A choice from a wide variety of websites - at price points to fit your budget.
  •   State-of-the-art website functionality
  •   SMC's "Secret Weapon on the Web" - an exciting tool to help drive traffic to your site.
  •   Access to product images and descriptions in formats that are easy to import into your site.
  •   A 30-DAY ACTION PLAN to help you get started.
Websites are available at additional cost to SMC members. SMC websites are built by eMerchantclub - the only company authorized to build SMC e-commerce websites.


Mail Order

With the SMC Mail Order program, you get:
  •   Beautiful, seasonally-updated, ready-to-mail catalogs.
  •   Free drop-shipping service.We ship to your customer, under YOUR NAME at no extra cost.
  •   A 30-DAY ACTION PLAN to help you get started.

Party Plan Program

Invite your friends, and their friends… show your merchandise and catalogs, and get ready to make money!

With the SMC Party Plan Program you get:
  •   Seasonally updated catalogs packed with great sellers.
  •   Step-by-step instructions on running a successful home party.
  •   All the supplies you need, including special price lists.
  •   A 30-DAY ACTION PLAN to help you get started.
SMC's Party Plan Program is NOT multi-level. It works strictly on a profit basis; so the money you make is yours to keep!


Sub-Wholesaling Program

With the SMC Sub-wholesaling program, you put people into business as YOUR distributors! They do the selling, they make a profit, and they place orders through you. You make BIG profits!

With the SMC Sub-wholesaling program you get:
  •   Sub-wholesaler "packets" and special price lists that put your distributors in business.
  •   Step-by-step instructions for your distributors to help them sell.
  •   A 30-DAY ACTION PLAN to help you get started.

Wholesaling Program

As a Wholesaler, you help stores keep their shelves filled with your product. They order from you, pay you, and mark the product up to retail to sell to their customers.

With the SMC Wholesaling Program you get:
  •   A huge catalog featuring your entire line.
  •   Step-by-step instructions on how to sell to stores.
  •   Fast shipping directly from our SMC warehouse.
  •   A 30-DAY ACTION PLAN to help you get started.

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